Instructions for Authors

Technical Guidelines:

1. Redaction accepts articles exclusively in electronic form, in formats *.doc

2. Margins 2.5 cm on each side, justified text

3. Optimum range of the article is up to 12 pages of manuscript, including tables and image attachments. (Single line spacing, font 12, Times New Roman) Longer original work has to be agreed upon in advance.

You can use a maximum of three levels of headings:

1 Title (font size 16, bold)

1.1 Title (font size 14, bold)

1.1.1 Title (font size 12, bold)

Tables and images identification

Table 1: Name

Image 1: Name

Footnote references are of font size 10

Provide a summary of all literature used at the end. (legal rules, press releases, annual and other information sources that have no author’s character, are cited only in footnotes, and are not shown in the reference section.) Summary of literature should not exceed 30-40 links.

Article organization:

1. Title

2. Authors’ names

3. Authors’ work places

4. Abstract (15 lines max)

5. Keywords (7 words max)

6. Introduction

7. Script

8. Summary

9. Conclusion

10. Bibliographical references

Use bibliographical references throughout the article, which should be numbered in the text and described in the footnotes. E.g.: “text”34



Use the following norms when stating bibliographical references to international documents:

ISO 690, ISO 690-2.

Reference examples:

1. Monograph:

HENDRYCH, D. Správní právo. Obecná část. 5., rozšířené vydání. Praha: C. H. Beck, 2003, ISBN 80-7179-671-9

For more than three authors, write the most important author and after that the abbreviation “et al.”

2. Periodical:

HARTMANNOVÁ, V. Právní jazyk v úřední korespondenci. In Správní právo, 2006, roč. XXXIX, č. 6-7, str. 444 – 450, ISSN 0139-6005.

3. Collection:

SPĚVÁČEK, V.: Makroekonomický vývoj České republiky v mezinárodním kontextu. In Kadeřábková, A., Spěváček, V., Žák, M. (eds.): Růst, stabilita, konkurenceschopnost: aktuální problémy české ekonomiky na cestě do EU. Praha : LINDE, 2003, s. 99-122. ISBN 80-86131-35-1.

4. Websites:

Národní rozvojový program mobility pro všechny [online]. 2004 [cit. 2005-02-21]. Available at:

5. Article from online periodical

POMAHAČ, R. Etika ve veřejné službě pro nové tisíciletí – recenze. Veřejná správa [online]. 2003, č.19 [cit. 2003-05-07]. Available at:

6. Legal citation

Law num. 111 from 24th April 1998 about universities <>. ISSN 1211-1244.

European Court of Justice, case 43/75 Gabrielle Defrenne vs. Societe Anonyme Belge de Navigation Aerienne Sabena, [1976] ECR 455, para. XX.

Thank you for respecting these guidelines, we look forward to receiving your scientific articles.

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